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04 Aug 2014 Recycle for eSports

This fall, Returpack – better known as Pantamera – are launching a unique concept called Pantamera för eSporten (translated: Recycle more for eSports).

Pantamera have for many years collaborated with Sweden’s gamers to raise awareness for recycling. Now they are extending this commitment with a world class CS:GO tournament in collaboration with Clutch Entertainment, Scream Media Agency and Inferno Online.

The purpose of Pantamera för eSporten is to urge the Swedish eSports audience to recycle their bottles and cans in order to to collect as much money as possible to the tournament prize pool. With tailor made recycling stations at Inferno Online in Stockholm and in Pantamera’s hometown of Norrköping, the gamers will recycle their cans to drive up a big prize pool.

“In Sweden, we are among the best in the world at recycling, but for us to become even better, it is important that young people are given the opportunity and the information in their familiar surroundings.” says Rickard Andersson at Pantamera.

The tournament host is Inferno Online, the world’s largest gaming center with a Guiness world record for number of computer game seats with a total of 555 computer places in STHLM Odenplan, STHLM Skanstull and Norrköping. Every day IO is host to about 3,000 visitors who all drink a lot of water and cans of soda which in turn means tens of thousands of cans each month.

To kickstart the tournament and to show their appreciation for the eSport community, Pantamera have added SEK 100,000 (circa 10,000 euro) to the prize pool. Furthermore, for the coming 6 months, Pantamera have pledged to match every recycled jar and bottle in the tailor made Pantamera för eSporten recycling stations at Inferno Online Gaming Center Odenplan, in Skanstull and Norrköping. Pantamera and Inferno Online expect the entire Swedish gaming community will join forces to recycle as much as possible to push up the prize pool to the fullest.

Pantamera för eSporten, concepts and dates:

20 August 2014: Launch Event IO Odenplan with 200 eSports professionals, casual gamers and enthusiasts.

August 2014 – January 2015: Tailor made recycling stations deployed at Inferno Online in Odenplan, in Skanstull and Norrköping. The recycling stations will be counted continuously and the number is updated on the web via a digital counter.

February 2015: The Final of Pantamera för eSporten is held at Inferno Online Odenplan. The tournament schedule and structure will be presented at Inferno Online’s webpage

Pantamera is urging the entire Swedish gaming community to join forces to show the importance of recycling and to maximize the prize pool in this unique contest!

The mission is simple: Pantamera för eSporten – Recycle more for eSports!

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