The Hardcore Challenge


April 01, 2016


SF (Svensk Filmindustri) needed help launching “Hardcore”, an indie action movie filmed entirely in the first person perspective. They wanted to create Nordic awareness and coolness around the movie, and ultimately of course to get people to watch it at the cinema.



Since “Hardcore” is filmed in first person, our insight was to work with the largest first person game; CounterStrike. To get Nordic coverage, we teamed up with Karrigan (Denmark), Rain (Norway) and Maikelele (Sweden) who are all professional CounterStrike players. We recorded and produced three parkour clips where the starts receives an important message from Henry, stating they have to get to the cinema in only 5 minutes. Their fans could then vote on their favourite clip for a chance to win a ticket to go see the movie.



  • 35k visits to dedicated website
  • 3704 votes on the videos
  • 277k video views
  • 1.4k people engaged in the ticket raffle