Qvitt – 14 Day Challenge with Friberg


January 21, 2016


Gotlandssnus needed help launching their new nicotine free brand; Qvitt. They were looking for new ways to activate a young, male audience in a way that would make their brand stand out from the competition. The goal was to create knowledge of the brand while at the same time generate sales.



We created the “14 day challenge with Friberg”, which was a collaboration with one of the most popular CS:GO players in the world, Adam Friberg. The campaign was launched by Qvitt doing a post about how they are big fans of Friberg, but that he uses to much snus. and that because of this they challenged him to 14 nicotine free days and tagged him in the Facebook post, which he then replied to and accepted the challenge. The campaign itself was a sponsorship of Friberg’s stream on Twitch, where the logotype and the amount of nicotine free days were visible on screen, and he continuously talked about and upped the brand. We also did continuous activations in social media during the campaign period together with Friberg.



– 324k started streams

– 172k unique viewers

– 420k non paid reach on Facebook

– Hundreds of new customers

– Articles written in local press about Gotlandssnus’ brave take on marketing