Recycle for eSports


May 21, 2015


Pantamera’s mission is to inform the Swedish people about recycling and the important it is to do. The young, male audience has proven to be particularly hard to reach with this message. Therefore, the goal with the concept was to find a new way to engage young men in recycling, to make it interesting to them.



The result became “Recycle for eSports”, a CounterStrike tournament with a crowd funded prize pool. For every can that the gamer’s recycled, Returpack matched that with 1 SEK in the final prize pool. At the end of the recycling period, a tournament was held, where 8 of the world’s best CS:GO teams fought it out at Inferno Online, Stockholm. This enabled the entire CS:GO community to meet their idols in real life at Inferno Online, while at the same time being introduced to the concept of recycling.



  • Overall recycling frequency increased by 4.6%
  • 139 001 recycled cans
  • Over 6 000 people showed up at the venue for the finals
  • 2 million unique viewers
  • 6 million video streams

Awarded Gold in Stockholm Media Award’s “Campaign of the Year”