The gaming audience is selective, critical and elusive. This calls for customisation of your marketing strategy, all the way from concept to creatives, and to be able to do this you need a deep understanding of the target group. Our company consists of marketers and online specialists, but outside of that we’re also ex professional gamers and game developers. We truly love video games, and we are passionate about enabling your brand in our world.

How Do We Tailor?

We see the creation of a custom made marketing activity much like the making of a custom fitted suit. First you have to measure to make sure it fits. Then you have to pick the right material and color to make sure it makes sense and looks good. And lastly, you have to carefully tailor it for that perfect end result.



To make sure the campaign fits your brand into the gaming world, we have to first analyze and understand it. This is why we start every creation with a workshop with the client. Together we find out what angles the brand can use to enter the gaming world.



When we have our angle, it is time to choose the contents of the campaign. What elements we should incorporate and what kind of activities we need, considering our angle. Do we work with influencers, make a commercial or do we organize an all new tournament?



Once all the details are set and the planning stage is over, it is time to get to work. When we call ourselves a full service agency, we mean that literally. From here on out, we take care of everything, from start to finish.

To summarise, we can do everything from custom tournaments and commercials, to product releases and music promotions. The sky is literally the limit here, so just drop us an email with your problem and we’ll gladly help you sort it out!